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Ingham Health Plan
Low income uninsured residents of Ingham county may be eligible for a health care coverage program.  The following is a description of each of those available programs:
Plan A
This program ended March 31, 2014 and members were transferred
to the Healthy Michigan Plan. Residents eligible for the Adult Benefits Waiver (ABW) program through the State of Michigan are enrolled in Ingham Health Plan, Plan A.  This program is NOT insurance.  It provides basic medical care to low income childless adults who do not qualify for Medicaid.Enrollment in Plan A was done by the local Department of Human Services (DHS).
Plan B
Residents who do not meet the requirements for Medicaid, Medicare, or any other program may be eligible for a community-sponsored program called Ingham Health Plan, Plan B. This program is NOT insurance.  It provides basic medical care at little or no cost to the member.  For more information, please click here for a Q & A or call your local enrollment office at:
Ingham Health Plan 517.887.4641
Prescription Discount Program
Ingham County residents who do not have prescription medication coverage may be eligible for the Ingham County WellCard prescription discount card.  The Ingham County Prescription Discount Program is a way for people without prescription coverage to obtain prescription drugs at lower prices at their pharmacy.  All prescription drugs are covered.  Over-the-counter drugs and experimental medications are not covered. To learn more about the Prescription Discount Program, please visit to find a participating pharmacy near you and check the estimated cost of a drug.
The discount card is also available at the lngham County Health Department and various agencies and businesses in Ingham County.  Other healthcare discounts are also available through this card, in addition to prescriptions.  Member savings are up to 70% on a wide range of health services, prescription drugs, dental care, vision care, hearing care, x-rays, MRIs and imaging, and lab services.  Please visit to learn more about these health care savings.
You can also visit Medtipster for more information about retail pharmacy discount programs in your area.
Third Share Program

Small business owners in Ingham County may be eligible for a program called Ingham County Advantage.  This program IS insurance and allows small businesses to provide healthcare coverage to their employees.  The monthly cost is shared by eligible employers, their enrolled employees and Ingham Health Plan Corporation. 

Contact Customer Service at 1-866-291-8691 (toll free)
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