The County Health Plan (CHP), Plan B, is a community sponsored program for people living in the servicing county(s) without medical coverage. The CHP requires a periodic enrollment renewal. Members will get a renewal notice in the mail about two months before their enrollment ends. Members must complete and return this paperwork by the date stated in the notice to remain eligible.

Members should inform the CHP of any address changes during their enrollment. Failure to provide the CHP with address changes could prevent a member from receiving their renewal notice.

The CHP will review the paperwork and make sure the member still meets eligibility requirements to participate. If a member qualifies for  the plan, their coverage will be renewed.

Eligibility requirements for the health plan can vary plan to plan but generally require the member to:

  • Live in a county the plan services,
  • Not be eligible for any type of comprehensive private or public health insurance (i.e., Medicare A/B, Medicaid, Adults Benefit Waiver),
  • Have a yearly gross household income below a certain percentage of the federal poverty level.

The below renewal form can be completed online and mailed to PO Box 30125, Lansing, MI 48909, faxed to 517-394-4549, or emailed to To email the form to us, save the completed form to your computer and attach the document to an email. In order for your information to be saved directly on the form, you must have Adobe Acrobat."


If you require assistance in completing this form, help is available at one of the below outreach sites. Please contact them for hours and directions.

Site Name  Site Phone 
Allen Neighborhood Center  517-367-2468 
Capital Area Community Services 517-676-1065
Christian Services 517-394-5415
Greater Lansing African American Health Institue 517-492-0376
Northwest Initiative 517-999-2894
Southside Community Coalition 517-394-3217

Members may also call in their redetermination information by contacting Customer Service Members at 1-866-291-8691, Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm.

Si tiene alguna preguntar por favor de llamar a la oficina de servicios del plan 1-866-291-8691.

Contact Customer Service at 1-866-291-8691 (toll free).